Video Wednesday: Uncle Jack



Uncle Jack

Uncle Jack was a carpenter

who could make a hammer

hum a low and moaning rhythm.

That summer he was finishing off

the attic or so

Aunt Rose and I believed and

from the kitchen we heard

the saw whining into the

wet knots of pine and

the hammers even hum.

At suppertime Aunt Rose

would walk on legs

of heavy purple to the

base of the stairs and call out


nothing more.

Until one day he didn’t come

and when there was no

steam rising from the mashed potatoes

she looked at me.

As I opened the attic door the

breeze stirred sawdust into the

line of light from above and

the smell of pine made

sticky air.

At the top of the stairs I

found he’d been fooling us

Aunt Rose and I.

Uncle Jack had used the

pine planks and beams to

build a gallows and

now was swinging free but

I still hear the hammer.


Thanks for listening.

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