Video Wednesday: Little Bastard


Little Bastard

A child is running

On the beach

A run-of-the-mill kid

Out sized light bulb head

Bouncing on a spindly neck

Shirtless shoeless short pants’d

Running looks so easy

When he does it

A facile thing

One of millions of things

He finds easy


A child is just running

One day

Some adult

Will say

I’ll race you and

The spontaneity will

Fall to planning and

Joy will go along with

The fall

The sky is a squinting bright gray

A gull glides unnoticed overhead

Its call cryptic and forlorn

The sea…The sea rolls either

In or out with its

Perpetual motion monotony

Sounding a never

Completed complaint.

But look now-

Like an old man might

Suddenly fart or drop dead-

The little bastard

Runs in a giddy

joyful circle

I envy him his joy

I fart

I do not drop dead

It is a joy

Of sorts.


Thanks for listening.

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