Video Wednesday: 5X5 Five 5 Second Clips That Tell a Story

Project video for 5×5 01.08.2012
The challenge here is to find beauty in the mundane. Your day-to-day might seem boring to you, but I can assure you there is beauty in it — in your breakfast routine, commute to work, 8am biology class, lunch hour, trip to the gym, or bedtime ritual. Capture the fascinating tiny details you always notice, or the special things that make you smile. You might take these quotidian moments for granted, but sooner or later they’ll change and you’ll have a new daily grind. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember today’s grind later on?

Almost A Poem

toilet flush ×
electric toothbrush ×
espresso maker ×
cute dog ×

umm-beer ×

Have A Happy…

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