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The Taker

Author: Alma Katsu

Hardcover: 448 pages (also available in Paperback and Kindle format)

Publisher: Gallery Books (September 6, 2011)



The Taker starts out as your “poor girl loves rich guy, rich guy must marry who his family wants story” — set in Maine during the 1800s. Poor girl, Lanny, eventually leaves her tiny rustic town for the bright lights of Boston. What she finds is a household where people live forever, as long as they bow to the wishes of their cruel master. And her master wants her to lure that rich boy, Jonathon, into their twisted household.

We learn the story of Lanny’s life as she tells it to Luke, a doctor in her old hometown in modern time. Lanny ended up in Luke’s emergency room, Jonathon ended up in his morgue, and Lanny needed someone to tell all her secrets.


This is not the type of story I normally read. I say that every time I read a paranormal/fantasy type book but I do keep reading them! Just want you to know that, since I’m not widely read in this genre I may not be the best judge, but…

WOW! I was immediately drawn in by the pictures Katsu paints of the characters. She makes them intriguing, not revealing everything but just enough that you want to know more. Each character is a puzzle. Are they truly good, good hiding evil motives, evil, evil hiding good motives? You’ll find yourself weighing each word of dialogue and description wondering, “What does this REALLY mean?”

Although I pride myself on not “jumping ahead” I found myself doing just that to find out what a particular character did. I just couldn’t wait!

Just when you think you’ve finally got a sense of the unusual household Lanny ends up in you’re thrown a curve ball. The master wanting Jonathon isn’t just to add another plaything to his world…he has special plans for Jonathon. Just when you thought the people in this book couldn’t get more evil!

And the fact that the book keeps switching back the modern times and Lanny’s problems just ups the tension. Will she live though the horrible history she told just to be arrested by some rural deputy? Is what she telling the truth? Does she want Luke for some evil purpose? What about Luke? Surely he isn’t the only purely good person in the book? When and how will his evil side be revealed?

I found this book addictive. I really wanted to see how things finally turned out. The writing was strong and compelling. Put it on your TBR list.

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