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Snow Escape Review
I live in a spot where all the trucks are four wheel drive, most homes have a generator to keep the lights on or a wood burning stove to keep the place heated, and unless the snow hits really incredibly amounts life goes on. Of course, from my perusal of the weather channel, I realize that many parts of the country aren’t that well equipped to deal with snow. Surprisingly, one of those places is just about any big city. Not that they don’t have trucks for snow removal but simply because they have no where to go with that snow once they remove it from the streets. Buses and taxis don’t run. People can’t get to work. Pretty much everybody takes a snow day. When folks in the city say, “We’re snowed in” they truly mean it. This next book is about the evil opportunity being snowed in offers to people.

Snow Escape

Author: Roberta Goodman

Kindle: 237 KB

Publisher: Write Words, Inc. (September 29, 2011)


With a full refrigerator for meals and a kitten to keep her company, Allegra isn’t worried about the snow piling up — two feet by her guess so far — on the streets outside her Brooklyn apartment. She decides to pass the time by checking her online dating account. With a few promising replies, Allegra soon finds herself in a great IM chat with Charles. Great until Charles starts musing about how a snowstorm like this would be a great opportunity for a criminal. After all, how long would it take the police to answer a 911 call in this weather?

Allegra laughs it off but cuts short the chat when her weird-meter starts going off. She’s sure he was just some weirdo getting a kick out of scaring her until things start disappearing: emails, photographs, people…her sanity! Is Allegra crazy or is someone after her?


O! M! G!

I spent my teenage years watching every horror movie known to man and reading all the books. I don’t scare easily. But Snow Escape creeped me out. So much so that after finishing reading it (at 1:10 am — I thought I was just starting it at 10 pm but couldn’t stop reading!) I was nervous about turning out the light. I didn’t want to be left alone with the thoughts Snow Escape had planted in my brain.

Reading Snow Escape mirrors what Allegra must have been feeling. Like Allegra, I wasn’t sure which characters to trust…I even briefly suspected that the 75 year old neighbor and the cop were “in on it”. And I spent an equal amount of time thinking that Allegra was just some crazy lady imagining things. Great read for a snowy winter night–just lock your door first.

Nitpicking: For now Snow Escape is just available in Kindle format and there are a few problems, for example the new paragraphs are not predictable. Sometimes they indent, sometimes not, and occasionally — especially during paragraphs of dialogue — new paragraphs aren’t started. These minor problems may have been corrected since I got my copy. [Note: Author Roberta Goodman has informed me that yes, she is fixing the formatting problems!] But I can overlook these blips to enjoy an enthralling story.

As a Blog Tour Organizer for WOW-Women on Writing, Jodi Webb’s inbox is crammed everyday with information about newly released books. Jodi wanted to tell the world about all these fabulous books — even the ones that didn’t do book tours — so she started Words by Webb for her book reviews. What started as an occasional post snowballed as she began reviewing for 1776 Productions and publishers, promoters and literary friends began contacting her about reading their books. She’s even drawn her children into the fun — all three enjoy reading the books she reviews and two have even posted reviews. Although she spends her nights reading, Jodi spends her days as a freelance writer, writing instructor, and wanna-be novelist.



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  1. I was so appreciative of Jodi’s positive review for my novel, Snow Escape, and for the fact that she alerted me to problems with the Kindle edition. I was able to notify my publisher, who quickly went about finding out why there were issues. Long story short, some codes from Microsoft Word embedded themselves in the typesetting file and hid there, only to show their faces by screwing up the formatting later. I’m happy to say, the issues have been corrected. My publisher told me ALL OF HER FILES would have been in trouble if the errors weren’t found. So a big huge thank you again to Jodi.

    The inspiration to write Snow Escape was so overwhelming that I couldn’t not write it. I probably had the best experience of my life during the process of writing it, because the characters and situations came to me so effortlessly. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery will love Snow Escape. It has edge of your seat moments as well as a dash of humor here and there. I’m happy to announce that the Print On Demand paperback version of the novel will be available this upcoming Spring.
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