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Explain your philosophy of writing. This is a hard question. Honestly I write what I feel in my heart. My writing started with love letters and short stories to my wife, I wrote what I felt. I never dreamed of putting any of my writing into book form until about a year ago, that was a push from my wife and sister to do it. Whatever your passion is for writing, never lose it. Me, I like romance, it sparks a fire in our relationship, so I write, write some more and still more after that.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? When I met my wife. It started as fun, leaving notes or a short story in her lunch, a surprise in every lunch, right… After a while the stories became longer and far more involved. I think it was my wife more than anyone who convinced me to keep writing, she has always told me the stories are beautiful, and compares them with other romance books she has read. She kept everything I’ve written to her, makes me feel great.

Why did you write this book? Pressure from my wife, sister and other friends who read my stories. No, it was them that convinced me to publish. I wanted to give my wife the best gift I could think of, I think I hit the nail on the head with this.

If you had it to do over what would you change about the book? Nothing… My book comes from a collection of short stories, I expanded on them, deepened the plot and strengthened the characters. I started doing that when I came up with the bright idea of pulling everything together into book form. The only reason I did that was to surprise my wife with the ultimate birthday/anniversary present. Her reaction was priceless when I gave her a hardcopy and also downloaded it for her. She knows I write, but she never guessed I would put it into a book. No, I wouldn’t change a thing. Writing is something you can learn as you go along, the ideas may be slow coming, but you can get there. If you manage to write a first book, never change it, your style may change after that, but there is nothing like the first.

What do you find most difficult about writing? Writers block if there is such a thing. My wife thinks I’m funny when I write, she thinks I get a blank stare on my face, but my fingers are moving across the keyboard. I need some type of sound around me when I write, music or even the TV, without it I can’t write. Even with the noise, I hear everything going on around me, but for some reason it helps me. I feel like I’m in the story, understanding where my characters are coming from, how they grow and most of all where they are going. If I lose that, I don’t know if I could continue writing.

What surprising things did you learn while writing this book? It comes easy, I don’t know why, I start typing and the story comes out. I’m working on a second book now and have found the same thing. I guess what I’ve learned is writing is great, I go to my own little world, a place filled with words that form a story. Sometime ago a publisher wrote there is no surprises or surprise ending with romance. Like I told her, as long as there is love, romance will never die. As long as there are people like me willing to dig deep and write from the heart, romance will remain at the top of the list for best sellers. People who believe in love, or better yet “True Love” will understand where I’m coming from. What did I learn? I still have so much untapped love to give my wife, there will never be a shortage. You want to make your partner happy, try writing love stories, and if you plan to go that far, put it in book form, give it to them as a birthday present or anniversary gift. I can guarantee they will never forget it.

RJ Funston
Stories from the Heart
978-1-4660-7133-9 (Smashwords)
B005E1PB5O (Amazon.com)
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