Quinn Barrett On Digitial Publishing Profits

DPP10_Cover_543x800 What makes a bestselling book?  In a word . . . sales.
A striking book cover, compelling content, and great writing are also essential ingredients to a book or novel’s success; but if nobody is buying your book, you’ll never have a chance of achieving monetary success, let alone bestseller status.
So whether you’re shooting for the stars or just looking to augment your household income by writing and selling e-books on Kindle, Smashwords, or Apple’s iBookstore, you’ll need to initiate a content-specific strategy if you hope to realize significant bottom line profits.
“Digital Publishing Profits: 10 Strategies to Positively Impact Bottom Line Profits” was developed to help writers and authors make the crucial transition from their creative mindset to becoming digital business strategists.  Writing a book or novel is only half the equation.  The business of marketing and selling e-books can and should be a creative process as well.
There’s never been a better time to be a writer.  Social networking, digital media, and new web-based technologies are making the business of book selling easier than ever.  The strategies contained in this book are the foundation for any emerging digital age book business.  By implementing these 10 strategies, the joy of writing can also become the thrill of profitability.
Quinn is offering this book to readers for free. Here’s the link.
Quinn also does talk radio author interviews. A wonderful way to spend a half hour.

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