My Novel: TYLER PALEWHITE: Soft-Boiled Detective

ISBN: 978-0-9834063-4-1

12.98 US
8.00 GB
9.00 EU

Tyler Palewhite: Soft Boiled Detective

Tyler Palewhite is a salesman who dreams of being a novelist. In fact he’s written a P.I. novel. He’s not having much luck getting it published until he hits on the idea of pretending to be a Private Investigator to impress potential publishers. He makes letterhead, prints business cards and adds it to his resume. As people he knows find out they take it seriously and begin to ask for his help. He tries his hand at a couple of simple things and has some unexpected success. As far is writing is concerned his pretense has the desired effect: It works. He gets a publisher and things are going as according to plan.

Just when he thinks, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? things begin to spiral out of control and he finds himself embroiled in kidnapping and murder. What he does to try and fix things keeps making matters worse. Follow Tyler as he tries to find a way to make things right.

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  1. Brandilyn says:

    That’s way more clever than I was expecitng. Thanks!

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