ISBN 1-59113-257-6
12.95 US
8.00 GB
9.00 EU

            Private Detective Vincent August finds of all human kindness’ love’s the deadliest. Love, murder, Elvis, Halloween, Valentinetti, Joseph, incest, jealousy, twins, private detective, private investigator, mystery, glint, Vincent August, impersonators, secrets. Vincent loves Rita. Max loves Christine. Lee loves Christine. Peter loves Peter. Reno loves Paget. Christine loves Elvis. Secrets are everywhere. Private Detective Vincent August is having enough trouble figuring out his own life when he takes on a simple domestic case to make some quick money. It is anything but simple. He’s in over his head. Things are happening faster than he can keep up with them and none of them make sense. Cascading events sweep him into a journey through love’s catalog from its purest form to its most vile. These experiences confront him with a mirror, a mirror he can’t avoid looking into, a mirror in which he must finally examine himself.

“Why here, why tonight?” he demanded, putting a fresh unfiltered cigarette between his full lips. He tapped the face of his watch. “I got ten minutes.”

He caught a glint off the knife blade from the bright coal of his cigarette. The hair on his neck stood away from his skin, but that was the only reflex Peter O’Shea had time for. The silver blade plunged into the flesh of his throat. He staggered back against the cold steel dumpster and the stench of garbage filled his nostrils. He tried to scream, but had no air to scream with. He looked down at the blood spurting out of his neck and tried desperately to clasp the wound shut in his hands. He watched helplessly as the knife punched hole after hole in his chest. Music blared from inside the nightclub. The coarse alley slapped his cheek.

A Review
Just finished. “Kill Me Tender” a private eye novel by my friend Joseph Valentinetti. Subtitled “a love story.” Strange love going on in this book, including twins who live together and over-the-top fascination with Elvis impersonators. Three faux Elvises are dispatched before the mystery is solved. Good read.
gwpuffer 2011

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