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I’ve had people tell me they are between books, looking for something new to read; a new author, a new genre. There are more writers than ever before: More good writers, more not so good writers. The choices of things to read are enormous. The purpose of interviewing a writer is to give you, the reader, a chance to hear from the writer directly, to hear the writer’s own voice.

Here’s Lyza Ledo author of Secret’s Out (Book 1 in the Secrets Trilogy). Lyza is a grad student who is a devoted reader and writer. She loves to share her stories and to read the works of other authors who have shared there writings with her.

What’s the name and genre of you book? My first book is called Secret’s out. It is a Young adult, paranormal, romance.
Who is the audience for this book? It is mostly young adult but I think romance can apply to everyone so it shouldn’t be limited to just young adults.
Is this book part of a series? If so is it a sequel or a prequel? This is the first book in the Secret’s Trilogy. The next book in the series is called Hidden, but it will not be available until early next year.

Describe your protagonist physically and emotionally and describe the challenges the protagonist needs to overcome and the motivation for overcoming them.
Annabel is the main character of the Secrets Trilogy. She is sixteen years old and has just moved to Philadelphia from Boston. She has been constantly moving since her parents divorced when she was six and has never really had a stable place to call home. She is very closed off as a character and she constantly loses interest in things too quickly. Her attention span is not the best but as she matures in this book she starts to focus on the more pressing matters at hand. Annie physically is very similar to her mother, who is a fundamental character in this book. They both share the same blue eyes and slim figures, but Annie inherited a few things from her father like his hair color and his ability to see the future. Annie not only has to grow up when her gifts begin to progress but she also has to save the life of the mysterious guy, Ian Molina, that wants nothing to do with her.

Describe your antagonist physically and emotionally, and talk about motivation. I don’t want to give away too much here. This book doesn’t have one set villain but there are two overshadowing figures that are really causing issues in Annie’s life. The men from her vision that are threatening Ian and the men that are trying to threaten Annie’s normal existence. The motivation for the men after Ian, is they believed he has double crossed them and they want him to make up for it. The ‘men in suits’ that are threatening Annie’s presence are closely linked to her father and his secret that links with Annie’s. Their motive is not clear in the first book but it will be learned during the series.

Quote a passage from your book that you love.
“Annie.” Ian said as he used a finger to lift my chin up and look at him. The touch was electric; he had to have felt it. Just like the electric jolt of his touch I had a vision, a vision I would dare not tell him about. My cheeks reddened at the thought of the vision. “What?” he said as his hands quickly dropped back to his side.
“I had a vision.”
“Just like that?” he said. I nodded still embarrassed to be talking about this. “What was it?”
“Nothing it was the same vision again.”

Elaborate on the meaning of the passage. Well in this particular scene Annabel has finally decided to come clean about how she knows all this information and comes across another puzzling mystery…her growing feelings for Ian.

What is your philosophy or writing? Write what you love. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. Don’t try to fake it if you write something you are actually interested in it comes easy. Be yourself.

Where do you live and how does that influence your writing?
I have lived the majority of my life in Philadelphia and that has greatly influenced my writing. Many of the stories I write take place in or around Philadelphia. I have traveled for school recently and have been expanding on locations. Right now I’m in Massachusetts, which made me use Boston as Annie’s most recent home, after I had visited the city. I prefer to write about places I’ve been so that has a huge impact on my writing.

Do you have a special routine you go through before you begin writing?
I strongly believe in musical therapy. Before I even begin to write I always start with putting on music to play in the background. I also am very fond of charts. When I start to develop story lines, I always make spreadsheets for each and every section ranging from characters to chapter plot points.

My books are available for sale at Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and all other e-publications as well as through Smashwords.
Where can people learn more about you?
Secret’s Out (Book 1 in the Secrets Trilogy)

ISBN: 978-1-4659-3493-2

Price: $0.99





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