Long Drive Home by Will Allison: Jodi Webb Reviews

Long Drive Home

Author: Will Allison

Hardcover: 224 pages (also available as Kindle format)

Publisher: Free Press (May 17, 2011)

Glen’s having one of those days: traffic, a misunderstanding with a cop, a threatening guy with a gun. By the time he’s sharing the road with an annoying teenage driver Glen has had it. He impulsively decides to teach the teenager a lesson—just scare him a bit—but the lesson doesn’t go as planned. Instead of slowing down and driving more carefully, the teenager is lying on the street in front of Glen’s house next to his crumpled sports car. And Glen finds himself rearranging the truth to present his road rage as just an unfortunate accident. Can Glen convince the neighbors, the cops, the lawyers, and himself? It becomes more and more difficult, especially since his young daughter was in the back seat.


We’ve all thought about it…lashing out at that other driver. Because of that universal feeling of frustration Long Drive Home grabs hold of your attention immediately. We all know what Glen feels. We all could be in Glen’s place. We would all think about lying even if only for a moment.

This book is as much about the reader as it is about the characters. As Glen’s life spirals out of control(while all the time he’s trying desperately to present the appearance of normalcy), you’ll find yourself asking, “What about me? Would I go that far? What would I sacrifice? What lies could I live with?” Some of the characters’ choices make you wonder if anyone could ever make that decision. Although Glen wrestles with his choices, his wife Liz never seems to question the life altering choices she makes. It makes her seem a bit unrealistic.

But overall I enjoyed the book. Witnessing Glen’s descent into a hell of his own making is fascinating. You can feel the insanity creeping into his life as his choices make him begin to question the words and actions of everyone…trying to uncover the hidden agendas. Despite the insanity of Glen’s situation you can still picture yourself in the exact same situation. That’s the most frightening part of this book.

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