It Could Be Worse: Eating Out-John’s Philly Grille

John’s Philly Grille:

If You’re Going Out for a Sandwich Why Go Anywhere Else?

johns philly grill 001John’s Philly Grille is located in Seal Beach California on the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a sandwich shop. Nothing fancy. About six tables inside and four outside. People who bring their dogs sit outside. I haven’t seen any cats or iguanas yet but I guess it’s possible. You order at a counter. The help is friendly and helpful. They bring the food to the table, make sure you have the condiments you need and are always ready with answers for any questions or requests.

The basics of any sandwich is the bread. This bread is fresh baked daily and it is delicious. The crust is slightly firm and the body is aromatic. Once you’ve had a sandwich on the bread here my bet is you’ll never go back to that underground railroad place. You can guess from the name of the place that the signature sandwich is the Cheese Steak. There are several variations; mushrooms, provolone, green peppers, etc. There’s a chopped pepper topping that’s just the right amount of spicy for this. And, again to the bread, the bread holds up under the generous serving of beef (or chicken can be subbed) and absorbs the juicy sauce produced by the meat, onions and other items you might add without falling apart or becoming hard to handle.

Some people complain about the flavor or lack of flavor. Hot sandwiches are served at a temperature required by law not the temperature required by taste. When you order hot food in a restaurant you should allow it to cool a few minutes before eating it. Then you’ll get the full taste experience.

I go here a couple of times a month. Whenever my son comes to town we go there. The quote in the title is his. If You’re Going Out for a Sandwich Why Go Anywhere Else?


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