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Why do you write?

My life has been so strange and unusual that it was like a catharsis to write about it. I felt when I started writing my book I was basically blowing up the damn and letting everything that had ever gone on in my life come rushing past me and I felt both good and bad to relive the many strange things that have happened in my life. I honestly thought I could put down my whole life in one book but I found I have such a good memory and so many strange and unusual things happened that currently finished volume 2 which I’m about to send the Shelley to upload to smash words and I’ve started on volume 3 and can easily fill that one to. I just find writing in general the most interesting and challenging and intellectually satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Also I have a wonderful child-like thinking process that really adds to my writing that people will like.

My upbringing had everything to do with my writing along with my Asperger’s Syndrome. As I write in my book I basically grew up in leave it to beaver land living the ideal life all away through high school to the point believe it are not I never met a minority person through high school and I never met a divorced person through high school. I lived in a nice little neighborhood of maybe 40 homes everybody had to white parents who lovely kids that I played with seem to get along very well and so basically I was cut off from the real world and it wasn’t until I was kindly asked to join the Army or outlawed drafted that I’ve decided to see the real world and frankly I didn’t really like it much.

Yes I do have the proverbial day job. New authors can’t live on the royalties they earn from their books. If you love rejection try sending an unsolicited manuscript to an agent or publishing company. Thank God for nice outfits like smash words that allow new authors to have a chance to sell their book and merely pay royalties to the company publishing it as an e-book help me a lot. My day job also involves a lot of writing because I’m an auditor for the US Air Force. For about the previous 30 years I was an auditor for the US Army but our base Fort Sam Houston became a joint base it is now run by the Air Force. But thanks to being an army auditor I got to live all over the world and spent 10 years living in Germany, one year living in Belgium, four years living in Korea, where my daughter was born at about a year in Japan. Nothing can flavor you’re writing an autobiography more than working for the US government when you’re logical sensible person because so much of what they do defy us common sense and logic and it becomes very interesting to observe and write about.

My philosophy of writing is to make it interesting, funny, satirical and basically just let it flow. I urge all authors to do what I did which is to get Dragon NaturallySpeaking because I am dictating this with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and you become a much better writer when you speak into a Bluetooth using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the words magically appear in a Word document you write better faster longer and I’ve always had the exact opposite of a writer’s block I basically can shut off my brain that are probably write 1 million words a day if I had enough time which I find strange and unusual so that’s one of the blessings I guess of having my Asperger’s Syndrome I might be a total introvert want to sit at my computer 24 hours a day but sure makes me damn good writer.

Who will enjoy and benefit from reading this book?

Anybody who likes Mark Twain will like my book. I actually got the inspiration for my autobiography from reading Mark Twain’s autobiography. Even though he wrote over 100 years ago he wrote basically the same way that I write. He was laying in his bed dictating his autobiography to some stenographers who would then type it up and interrupt drafts and show him. And he came up with the brilliant idea that I copied exactly which was to write his autobiography by thinking of something that was of interest to him at the moment and dictating about that in no particular chronological order I thought that was a brilliant idea. I think all people will enjoy reading my autobiography because it will make them laugh will make them cry and it will show the most incredible love from a wonderful woman that I’ve been married to for 28 years when they read the hundred pages of the beautiful love letters she sent me when we were pen-pals for seven years and I was in Tucson and Las Vegas and she was in Hong Kong through some miracle we got together and we’ve lived happily ever after just a wonderful love story and I think people like love stories.

I realized I wanted to be a writer in high school. I actually got a job with railroad model craftsman magazine while I was going to high school and the editor actually let me cover a railroad convention in Woburn, Massachusetts I wrote the first article of my life in July of 1963 that was published in the magazine about an S Gauge convention in Woburn.

Jeffrey Weber
 My Only Crime Was Being Born   ISBN: 978-0-9837308-0-4

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