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I write because I love a good story, and every now and then I have a story good enough to share. Writing should be a pleasure, an exercise in creativity, even though it is often difficult. Writing can become art, but it should always entertain or captivate.

When I was in middle school. My math and science skills were so lacking that I needed something to bring up my grades, and I just so happened to find writing to my liking. Plus, I had a smoking-hot English teacher in 7th grade that I wanted to impress.

I wrote “Growing up Snook” because I wanted to pass along the stories my siblings and I laugh about at family gatherings. It was a very clannish thing I suppose, but the stories were such an important part of which I am that I wanted to share them with everyone. Of all the books I had cooking on the stove, this one seemed the most natural to become my first.

There are, for me, two things I consider difficult about writing. The first is finding the time, since I am not yet a full-time writer. I get up at 4 am every morning to write because I am either too tired or too busy after work. The second aspect that I find to be difficult is promoting my book. Writing is work; promoting is toil! I find it so difficult to go around saying “Hey! Read my book!” (But, please read my book!)

Okay, this is going to sound a bit Twilight Zone-like, but I dream stories. In my dreams, it is like I am watching a movie, with dialogue and everything. I usually remember most of the dream and then jot down highlights when I wake up. I also retain much of what I see and read, so there are always inspirations from other works as well. My brain is always creating, even when I am watching a movie or talking to someone. I also like to take other stories and tweak the endings or give them plot twists as writing exercises.

I think most people would enjoy my book, simply because it really is a funny view on life. It is a bit nostalgic, if the 70’s and 80’s are to be considered the good old days. It is a book as filled with poignancy as much as it is with laughter, and it helps the reader to recall their own childhood, if for no other reason we all did stupid stuff as kids.

David Snook

Growing up Snook                        ISBN: 978-0-9836895-0-8

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