Interview With T.L. Williams Author of Cooper’s Revenge: A Writer Speaks

41CWe’re talking today with T.L. (Terry) Williams, a retired veteran of the CIA  who has worked around the globe.  Cooper’s Revenge is his debut novel. A sequel, Unit 400, is due out in 2014. Please give us a brief synopsis of your book; what you might say to someone if you only had 30 seconds to say it.

Retired Navy Seal, Logan Alexander, mounts a covert operation against a secret Iranian Qods Force Terrorist training Camp after his younger brother, Cooper, is killed in a fatal IED attack.


 Let’s talk a little about values, Terry. What is the most overrated virtue?

Patience – Life’s too short.

What is the one thing other people always seem to get wrong about you?

My tolerance for ineptitude.  Of this I’m fairly intolerant.

What pet peeve do you have about other people?

I hate it when people are late.  See question 1.

Is there any occasion when it’s OK to lie?

Of course.  How do you think the CIA is able to do its job?  In personal relationships, no. Honesty is the foundation for trust.

What’s the name and focus of you book? 

Cooper’s Revenge is a fictional account of a navy Seal’s efforts to avenge his brother’s untimely death by mounting a covert operation to infiltrate an IED training facility in Iran, run by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.  The results of this covert operation exposes Iran’s role as a rogue state, supplying and training terrorist proxies mounting attacks upon U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Who is the audience for this book?

This book appeals to mature audiences who enjoy suspense/thriller fiction.

What benefits can a reader get from your work?

The reader will be sensitized to the role that Iran has played in Iraq and Afghanistan and gain an understanding of how special operations teams train for and mount a covert operation.

Is this book part of a series? If so is it a sequel or a prequel?

This is the prequel to Unit 400, which deals with Iranian Assassination Squads.

What surprising things did you learn while writing this book?

Muslim burial rituals; the history of the Liberty Hotel in Boston, Ma; the fact that Jeffrey Pine trees emit a butterscotch odor; and the Guinness Beer Company employ “pour” technicians to teach bartenders how to pour a proper draught.  These are a few of my favorite things.

How has your upbringing influenced you writing?

I was a military brat, and lived on military bases for the first 18 years of my life.  That experience certainly helped inform my feelings about the military and the respect that I have for men and women in uniform.

Where do you live and how does that influence your writing?

I live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean.  Daily walks on the beach keep me centered and mentally refreshed.

Do you prefer fermented or distilled?

Ah, the grape, the grape. I have been know to imbibe distilled as  long as it’s wet, cold and stonger than 8 percent.

If you have a career outside of writing how does it fit into your life as a writer?

I had a career before becoming a writer.  I worked for the CIA for thirty years.  There’s a rich background of experiences and locales where we lived to add texture, vibrancy and authenticity to my writing.

Thank you Terry. Readers can find Cooper’s Revenge at Amazon and other good book suppliers everywhere.

coopers-revenge-ebook-1000x1600Cooper’s Revenge               ISBN:  978-0-9884400-0-5

Price:  $12.75

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