How To Make Your Own Book Trailer: Three Rodents With Defective Eyesight

Three Rodents With Defective Eyesight: Making Your Own Book Trailer.
Video is effective, there is no doubt about that. AND–You can use it to promote you book.
Here’s how to make a video about your book.
Tip: Kis-Kis. Keep It Short-Keep It Simple: Several short videos are better than one long one. You’ll get wider coverage and reach a wider audience.

Let’s go through the making of a 30 second video about an imaginary book:
Three Rodents With Defective Eyesight by Mary Contrary.
The first step is to select a SINGLE idea we want to portray. Since this book portrays a sense of risk to the heroes let’s portray Peril/Danger.
Two Basic Images you’ll always need for your videos are:
Photo of the author and a photo of The Cover of the book.
You’ll also need graphics, called titles, that you’ll create in your editing program.
You can use additional pictures or video but you could do this video with the two images you’ve got right now. But let’s throw in a couple of extra just for fun.
You’ll also need a program that lets you string images together–add some effects and sound–and create titles.
Windows Movie Maker is simple to use and it’s free. There are many free programs on the internet, just pick one.

Let’s make a story board, planning the shots and effects we will use:
1. Shot of author
2. Create a title to overlay the photo with author’s name, title of the book and where to buy it.
3. Shot of book cover
4. A title (graphic)to scroll across the cover to build interest.
Let’s put, `Our HEROES are in DANGER!’
5. Clip art of a knife. Accompanied this by an alarming sound
6. Clip art of our heroes scurrying in dismay. And, to make it perfectly clear we’ll use titles saying: `Heroes in DISMAY?’ and `Run For Your Life!’
7. Book cover again. Titles: `Find out what happens to our hapless trio.’ Fade this title to: Read more at www dot blindmicebymarycontrary dot com. Buy the book at and
8. Add overall sound and music. The sound can be simply reading the title cards as they come up on the screen. You can put music in the background but you don’t need to.
Don’t tell too much: Hint or tease instead of telling.
Don’t tell how it turns out: Surprise and mystery are you greatest tools.
Here’s the trailer from the storyboard. Notice we didn’t even need a camera for this.
But First: Here’s a disclaimer: Don’t use anything—picture, image, sound, music, title that you don’t own or have the express right to use. You can be sued. Maybe not now–but later–when you are famous.

Finally, leave a comment at JV Radio Pictures if you have a question and we’ll try to help.
And, really finally, if you think all this looks like great fun but you just don’t have the time, after all, you’re writing, we make book trailers. <<–Click this link.
Good luck.
Thanks for listening,
And Have A Happy…

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