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How To Make Your Own Book Trailer: Three Rodents With Defective Eyesight

Three Rodents With Defective Eyesight: Making Your Own Book Trailer. Video is effective, there is no doubt about that. AND–You can use it to promote you book. Here’s how to make a video about your book. Tip: Kis-Kis. Keep It … Continue reading

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Fictional Detectives: Part One The Hard Boiled Detective

The Hard Boiled  Detective Detectives such as Mike Hammer, Sam Spade, Phillip Marlowe, Shell Scott and Vincent August, do what they do to make money, to survive.  They are loners by nature and are reconciled to that lifestyle but there … Continue reading

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Coincidence: Does it Have Any Value in Fiction?

`There exists a type of phenomenon…which has puzzled man. The seemingly accidental meeting of two unrelated causal chains in a coincidental event which appears both highly improbable and highly significant.’ Arthur Koestler A coincidence can force you into a position … Continue reading

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Sympathy and Imagination: Does a Writer Need Them?

Writers can learn a lot of things. They can learn hate, pencil sharpening, grammar, spite, syntax, punctuation, southern cooking, outlining, stealing, foreshadowing and more. But not sympathy and not imagination. Sympathy and imagination are two things that can’t be taught, … Continue reading

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