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Puppet G-Pa

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a cappella holiday

Sing along with piano boy. A holiday album from JV Radio Pictures.

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The Black Eyed Blonde by Benjamin Black: A Review

Benjamin Black is reviving Raymond Chandler’s detective Phillip Marlowe. There are lots of things easier than that: Digging a ditch with your tongue, for example. I like Marlowe but I never found him to be much more than the sum … Continue reading

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Socrates of Athens: From Pythagorean to String Theory

Dr. Mark Barnett is a historian-lecturer who makes his message more palpable by conveying it through the guise of historical figures. Socrates is one of them. I asked him to speak about the arc from Pythagorean to String Theory. Such … Continue reading

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The World Wide Web: Just Like The Real World-Only More So.

    The World Wide Web was invented 25 years ago this year. Today, on its homepage, Google asked school children this question: If you could invent one thing to make the world a better place…     For obvious … Continue reading

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Video Wednesday (Redux): Magic Hat

I am looking in the magic hat the hat of lost surprises for the magic words…

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Video Wednesday: Roswell Haiku

I have always been in search of that roadside attraction that claims to have the world’s largest lint sculpture, the world’s biggest spoon, plaster casts of Big Foot’s feet, the potato chip that looks like the Virgin Mary. These places … Continue reading

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