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A BOOK TRAILER is a teaser, something to whet the appetites of the viewers, to tickle their imagination, to pique their curiosity. Video grabs the attention of the viewer like no other medium. Long after your interviews and reviews are out-of-date your BOOK TRAILER will be alive and well.


You need attention and your work deserves attention. It has to do with marketing. I know what many of you are thinking and feeling–because I think and feel it too. When we come face-to-face with the necessity to market our work we’re at least a little revolted by the idea. How can we take something we have poured our souls into and treat it like it was a toaster? Shouldn’t people realize the worth that’s obviously there, in our work?


Call it marketing. Call it getting attention. Call it getting noticed. Call it whatever you want but you need to do it, and BOOK TRAILERS are one of the ways to help reach your goal.


Let’s be honest, opinions vary. Some claim they’re the best tool for book promotion to come along in ages. Some disagree with that. There was an article in the Wall Street Journal claiming they don’t have much impact at all. Consider this: If you go out and buy new clothes or go to the hardware store and buy a new hammer then come home and just hang THOSE CLOTHES IN THE CLOSET, or THROW THAT HAMMER IN THE TOOL BOX, neither of them are going to have much impact. But put those clothes on and go downtown or take out that hammer and pound some nails, and looks are gonna get GOT and nails are gonna get POUNDED and you’re going to HAVE AN IMPACT alright. The CLOTHES, the HAMMER, the BOOK TRAILER, they’re tools, they have no value unless you use them. BOOK TRAILERS are advertising. Advertising works, (have you heard of Coca Cola?) it gets noticed, it has IMPACT.
Along with your BOOK TRAILER order you’ll get a list of places to upload them to and suggestions for a campaign to help you to promote and sell your book.

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Once you sign up you will receive a questionnaire that will provide us with the necessary information to begin our consultation and start production. Allow 7 to 14 days for completion, please.


One 30 Second Book Trailer $149.00

One 60 to 90 Second Book Trailer $239.00

One 2 Minute Book Trailer $329.00

The trailers will run slightly longer then the stated times to allow for end titles. Have questions before you buy? Leave them in the comments section below or email them to

Some definitions.

Perma-link. Your interview will have its own unique address and will not get lost in the blog-roll and chatter.

Your Trailers will be posted to an album in your name at Vimeo. You can embed your video to computers, iphones, ipads, tablets etc.

Royalty Free. You will never owe anyone anything for the use of the BOOK TRAILER. You are protected under the CREATIVE COMMONS Legal Code. No one can disassemble your trailer and use parts of it for themselves.