Allen G Author Of The Gospel Game: A Writer Speaks

I’ve had people tell me they are between books, looking for something new to read; a new author, a new genre. There are more writers than ever before: More good writers, more not so good writers. The choices of things to read are enormous. The purpose of interviewing a writer is to give you, the reader, a chance to hear from the writer directly, to hear the writer’s own voice.

Allen G. was born and raised in Asbury Park, by his single mother.  Allen is an aspiring entrepreneur that works with troubled adolescents.   Allen is a huge boxing fan; his favorite boxer is Floyd Mayweather.

What is your philosophy of writing?  Write from your heart, more importantly from your pain.  I feel that there are many people who are hurt that are looking for someone who understands their pain

What’s the name and genre of you book?  The Gospel Game, and the genre is a thriller.

Who is the audience for this book?  Ages 14 and up.   I would say most likely an urban Christian demographic, but it’s inclusive of other consumers.

Describe your protagonist physically and emotionally and describe the challenges the protagonist needs to overcome and the motivation for overcoming them.  Gab is average sized African-American male.  Emotionally, he is unstable, because his environment is unstable.  Gab has to face the challenge of being unhappy with who he is and what he has become, which is, a nobody.  Gab is scared that he’s a failure and that his life doesn’t mean anything significant, a metaphor for many youth in Asbury Park.

Describe your antagonist physically and emotionally, and talk about motivation.  The antagonist in the book is Santana.  Santana is a dark sadistic character, 200lbs solid.  He’s a dark person through and through.  He’ll kill his mother and not think twice about it.  His motivation is getting revenge on a group called the ‘Unseen’.  He was kicked out of their organization and now he wants revenge.

Quote a passage from your book (up to 100 words) that you love.  “So calm is cool?” Chucky questioned, but his face showed that he thought Wazu’s words were idiotic.       His face becoming a bit more serious, Wazu started to explain his simple words of wisdom. He stopped looking at the sky and looked Chucky right in his face as he spoke. Wazu always played with his hands when he was talking; Chucky started to notice that.

“You think people wanna buy what we sell from a dude that ain’t got no peace about him?” Wazu retorted. “They don’t wanna buy something from someone edgy like they are. Nah … they want someone that’s calm. That’s where they wanna be.”

Chucky took in what Wazu said and began to look at Wazu with admiration; he began to see the wisdom that came from his demeanor. There was much more to Wazu than he was letting on, but like he had said, calm was cool and that’s what attracted people to him. Chucky began to reason to himself that he might have just found a mentor in the game.

“So, if I keep it calm, I’m straight, but if I get too jumpy I might scare someone away?” Chucky asked.

“Look at it like this—life is a melody that’s only heard by those that have enough peace to listen to it,” Wazu stated as he schooled this young child on the game and life.               “And if you always jumping around or all crazy, you’ll miss the track that’s playing,” Wazu further explained.

“But what if you don’t have peace?”

Wazu leaned back on the steps where they were sitting, threw up his hands and folded them, and then dryly looked at Chucky. “Then you don’t have the Gospel … because that’s what it brings.” He paused. “That’s the key to hearing life.” He further stated.

Elaborate on the meaning of the passage.  Basically, life can be very crazy at times and if you don’t know how to remain calm, you’ll find yourself losing focus of what’s really important.  To me that’s no way to live.  That’s how you become depressed and angry at life.  Real living should consist of you being at least at peace.

What surprising things did you learn while writing this book?  I learned that I actually had enough patience and creativity to write the book.  I’ve never written a book before.  So for me this was an exciting thing because I never did anything like this.  It showed me that I had gifts that I didn’t know I had.

How has your upbringing influenced you writing?  Where do you live and how does that influence your writing?

I live in the town of Asbury Park.  It influences my writing greatly because there are so many negative forces there.  From drug dealers, gangs, bad school system, and to no empowerment from people of influence.  Like I tried to go back to my school to speak to the kids and they won’t allow me to, but there’s only about twenty percent of our kids that actually graduate and make it somewhere.

The Gospel Game ISBN: 1450238033  Price: 12.95

That’s the interview. Thanks for listening.


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