The Age of Love: A film by Steven Loring

I saw this film the age of love photoat the Newport Film Festival. It is an ambitious project. It attempts to answer the question implied by the title, namely: What is the age of love? Does love become harder or even impossible at some point in life? Do we simply become too old? Too old to hope, too old to dream, too old to try, too old to care, too old to dare?
In order to find out the director followed thirty people from Rochester New York as they took part in a speed dating program.
Oh yawn and ho-hum, right?
Wait. There’s a catch. All the daters in this film are between 70 and 90 years of age. If you step back and take a look at this concept in broad strokes, an event like this could easily be portrayed as cruelly comic or soap opera maudlin, but this film is neither. It is an insightful and honest look at the feelings and dreams of the fasting growing segment of our society.
You’ve heard the expression; Everybody has an axe to grind. And in most documentaries the filmmaker’s axe is all too clearly there for all to see. But not here. The strength of Steve Loring’s filmmaking style in the fact that he doesn’t shy away from or dwell on the low points and doesn’t glamorize the high points. It is a romantic film without romanticizing the events. It allows its subjects to come through on their own, to emerge and become part of the audience’s experience without manipulation or hubris.
I liked this film. See it if you get a chance.

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